What we do

It is just easy to send money by filling out our online application with the required amount to be transferred.

We Remit money to your recipients via the major banks in Sri Lanka.

Money can be deposited in an account or drawn over the counter (POI – “Pay on ID” service).

If your beneficiary does not hold a Bank account, over the counter payments can be made at any branch of the Sampath Bank. The funds can be collected by the beneficiary on producing of their National Identity Card and transaction reference number (PIN). We call this Pay on ID service (POI).

How it works

  1. Register with CeilaoEZY via our Website under ‘new Customers’ or visit our CeilaoEZY office.
  2. Send a Money transfer request to us via our Website under Send Money or call CeilaoEZY Hotline.
  3. Transfer money into our bank account quoting your customer ID as reference.
  4. Receive a confirmation email with the money remittance receipt.
  5. Soon after we received your money into our account, we will release the payment into nominated bank account or your receipt will have the PIN Number and details of your beneficiary to receive money as POI in Sri Lanka.

Charges in Australia

Transfers up to AUD 200 AUD 5.00
From AUD 200 to AUD 1000 AUD 7.00
Transfers Over AUD 1000 AUD 10.00

NRFC/RFC accounts

Transfers to NRFC/RFC accounts Up to AUD 500 AUD 10.00
Transfers to NRFC/RFC accounts Up to AUD 1000 AUD 15.00
Transfers to NRFC/RFC accounts Above AUD 1000 AUD 25.00

Sri Lanka Bank Charges

Credited to your Account (per Transaction)
LKR 100.00
Over the Counter Payment (Sampath Bank Cash Pickup) LKR 250.00